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This service is being offered for anyone interested in picking my brain about astrology/consciousness/world events etc. This is not a formal coaching session. Please come with one question prepared for me to answer.

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These coachings are intended to guide you through how to return to your truest self + live out your soul's purpose in the here + now. I listen to what is going on in your life + respond with intuitive insights that are shared with the intention of merging your soul's purpose with your daily ego patterns. Any mental or emotional blocks may be discussed as pertinent. These sessions often include breath work, self talk work + any healing method beneficial to working through blocks +

separating patterns.

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My astrology sessions are designed to help you align with + return to your true self + live your soul's purpose. I combine the method of Evolutionary Astrology with intuitive downloads to help you receive the activations + affirmations needed in order to make your return home to self. 

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"I’ve awakened so much through Keenan's videos and one-on-one sessions. Return to Self is an apt name for his practice. He approaches his work from a place of genuinely wanting to guide others back to themselves after being collectively lost for so long in the Matrix system (aka the “real world”). He has a way of communicating that is both firm and gentle and everything he says comes from a place of love and from the desire to heal humanity." - Charlotte L.

"This was my first chart reading with anyone. Without prior knowledge of personal situations, Keenan was spot on with how my chart related to what's going on currently and with my life in general. I was blown away and felt it was more than worth my time. I highly recommend him to anyone who is new to this realm of reality!""

-Jenni D.

"Keenan is brilliant and adept at what he does. Make no mistake about it, unless you are willing to do the work that is exposed; the arduous journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance is not one for the faint of heart. If that journey is one you decide to navigate, there are few others I know who I would trust to help me traverse and topple the shadows of me." - DJ