How do I return to self? 





In order to return to self... 

1) Recognize "not self" ego patterns you learned from others + identify with yourself


2) Remember your soul’s purpose

3) Distinguish between your soul's purpose + "not self" ego patterns

4) Release "not self" ego patterns learned from others

5) Pursue your soul's purpose by developing new + aligned ego patterns




What is the difference between

a coaching session + an astrology session? 




In a coaching session, you can expect: 

1) to discuss any conflicts you feel within yourself

2) to understand why these conflicts exist + how to work with them

3) to communicate concerns about your soul’s purpose + be guided

to understand why you may struggle to find or align with this purpose

4) to understand the difference between your soul's purpose + your ego patterns


5) to integrate your soul's purpose with your ego patterns

6) to see yourself at a level that may be triggering or 

uncomfortable + be willing to share what feels triggering or uncomfortable 



In an astrology reading, you can expect: 

1) to discuss any initial questions you may have about your chart 

         Examples of potential questions:

         a. “I don’t feel like my sun sign.Why?”  

         b. “I would like to understand how my soul’s purpose is shown in my chart.”

         c. “I would like to know more about how the astrological energies

of this year affect my chart.”


2) to understand your soul’s purpose (Pluto), how repeating harmful ego patterns

    (South Node) has disconnected you from this purpose + how you can realign with            your soul's purpose by establishing a new aligned set of patterns (North Node) 


3) to receive new information that may initially feel overwhelming to you


4) to communicate openly


5) to see yourself at a level that may be triggering or uncomfortable

    + be willing to share what feels triggering or uncomfortable 




Frequently Asked Questions





Q: How are the sessions conducted? 


A: Sessions are available by phone, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or audio recording.

Please select your preferred communication method on the order form

that appears after you select your preferred date + time.


Q: How will the session be scheduled? 


A: Sessions are scheduled by going to the sessions page, selecting the session type, session length, your local time zone + preferred date + time from the pop-up calendar


Q: Can I get a recording of my session?


A: Yes! Every session with me is recorded + sent to you via's cloud service immediately following the session's conclusion. 


Q: Something came up since my last session...can I email you? 


A: Yes! Please email me at or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the home page. If you've already had a reading + you would like to schedule another one, you will want to select from the category of "Follow Up Sessions" for any + all further sessions with me. Have questions about how much time to schedule for your follow up? Let me know in an email what you would like to work on in your follow up + I'll guide you to the right follow up session selection.


Q: What if I need to cancel or reschedule a session?


A: Cancellations must be made within 48 hours of purchase for a full refund.

Any cancellations made outside that time frame cannot be refunded.


To cancel or reschedule a session, please refer to the confirmation email of your original session appointment. At the bottom of the email you will find an option of cancelling or rescheduling your session. Rescheduling is allowed up to 12 hours before the originally scheduled reading time. Thank you for your understanding.

I am not a licensed physician or psychologist.

My sessions, while healing + highly effective,

are not a substitute for medical treatment

of any physical or mental conditions.

Finally, please remember that any session is as effective as you allow it to be.

I can only help show you how to return back to yourself.

You have to commit to doing the work to get there.

Thank you, and I look forward to connecting with you.


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