Welcome to Return to Self Healing.

My name is Keenan + I am here to assist you

in returning to your true self.


The return home to self is never easy.

It means facing things about yourself you don't like.

It means looking at what/who hurt you

+ choosing to take responsibility for healing yourself.


By healing yourself, you return to self. The true self.

Keep reading below to learn more about me

+ my healing return back to self.

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I told myself many stories growing up. I was that kid who loved learning everything I could about the world + all of its people. I wanted to know everything I could about other people, so much so that

I allowed others' stories to become my story. This was because, deep down,

I didn't feel my own story was worth hearing or knowing.


I tried to be who I perceived others wanted me to be, because I thought that's what would keep me safe + help me feel known, heard + loved. So I spent most of my time living out others' stories rather than focusing on + living out my own. I pursued excellence in musical performance to the point of becoming an international performing artist. I pursued educational success through to completion of the highly esteemed Doctoral degree. I became the one whose identity was good enough for others but never good enough for me.


During my doctoral studies, I spent any + all of my free time studying astrology.

For the first time in my life, I began focusing on learning about myself first before learning about others.

The structure of the birth chart gave me a way of understanding myself without

being overwhelmed by the negative self-talk I had going on in my head.

In 2017, a year after completing my doctoral degree, I made a fervent attempt to convince myself that

the work I pursued through my doctoral degree, and had been feeling increasingly disinterested in,

was truly my life's work. I took a job aligned with my degree studies half way across the country

+ my life quickly descended into cruel chaos in a series of traumatic events that led me to

reevaluate everything about my life's direction + do something I'd never done before in my life.


For the first time since I began working as a professional musician at 10 years old, I quit my job. 

I moved back to my hometown, something I never thought I would do, then did nothing but sleep for a month. When I felt like working again, all I wanted to do was focus on healing myself + rising up

out of my own ashes while helping others do the same. I launched Phoenix Rising Astrology in October 2017

+ within a year, had a healthy work schedule that brought me

more satisfaction than any other work I'd ever done.


3 years later, I have decided to relaunch as Return to Self Healing. Over the past 3 years, I have helped over 300 clients, built significant platforms on Instagram + YouTube, connected a thriving tribe of fellow healers

on Patreon + found deeper space for my true self by developing my own podcast.

Now that I have dedicated my life to living out my truest self's purpose, I want to help others do the same.  

The healing work I've done for myself + have helped others do for themselves is fundamentally based on recognizing the difference between identifying with/living someone else's purpose (not self ego patterns)

+ identifying with/living your own (true self soul purpose). 

To learn more about my healing methodology, click the icon below and you will be guided to another page.


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